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Andover Capital Corporation is a privately held investment & holding company focused on acquiring and building great businesses for the long term. We typically seek to make control equity investments in lower mid-market companies with the following criteria:

  • Experienced management teams with a high level of integrity
  • Proven and profitable business model with sustainable competitive advantages
  • Identifiable growth opportunities, including fragmented industries with 'bolt-on' acquisition potential
  • Ability to generate attractive returns on capital
  • Established, 'old economy', bricks and mortar industries
  • Particular focus on succession plan opportunities

We typically focus on North American businesses with an EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation & amortization) of up to $10 million.


Northstar Scaffold Services Inc.

Since 1967, Northstar Scaffold has grown to become one of the leading independent scaffolding and shoring solutions providers in Canada. Northstar is focused on the rental, sales and service of scaffolding, shoring and related construction equipment. For more information about Northstar Scaffold, please visit www.scaffolding.ca.

Acquisition History

2012 - Scaffold Russ Dilworth Ltd. (Ontario)
2014 - Northstar Scaffold Inc. (Manitoba)
2017 - Sky-Hi Scaffolding Ltd. (British Columbia)

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